1. Meditation or Mindfulness is really a natural state of being. It’s an extended period of focused concentration. Learning to quiet the mind, gives you mental break and can free you from pressures and stress. This practice cultivates presence, intuition and relaxation - 

    • ●  Clarity and new perspective on stressful situations

    • ●  Manage your stress and lower stress hormone, cortisol

    • ●  Increased self-awareness

    • ●  Focusing on the present

    • ●  Reducing negative emotions

    • ●  develop imagination, intuition and creativity

    • ●  Increase patience

      • ●  Anxiety

      • ●  Asthma

      • ●  Cancer

      • ●  Chronic pain

      • ●  Depression

      • ●  Heart disease

      • ●  High blood pressure

    • Meditation can also be beneficial for medical conditions:

● Digestive Problems ● Insomnia
● Headaches

There are many forms of meditation, my favorite is ​Vipassana​ - It means, ​seeing things as they are​ and was the meditation taught by the Buddha. In this meditation practice, you focus on your natural breath and allow all thoughts, feelings, emotions, and body sensations to arise without reacting. You learn to stay calm, steady and balanced under all situations. In yoga, the teaching goes, ‘He who masters his thoughts and emotions, masters his life”. Many people get discouraged form practicing meditation because they find it difficult to quiet their minds. Yes, the untrained mind is like a wild monkey, however, mindfulness is a skill like anything else and anyone can develop this skill, all you need is time, regularity of practice, persistence and lots of patienc

  • what an ideal and meaningful relationship looks like

  • to deepen your heart connection

  • to align your energies and why that matters

  • to communicate coherently

  • the energetics of conscious touch

  • to find balance in your relationship 

  • to bring more mindfulness into sex

  • breathe completely

  • freedom from goals and expectations during sex

  • to release fears and negative sexual ideas from society

  • to get in touch with your erotic energy and what blocks it

  • to make love more intuitively

  • to be more non-judgement and open in lovemaking

Tantric Intimacy and Heart Centered Relationship 

We are designed to be intimately connected and love each other in such a deep and profound way.  Falling in love is easy but maintaining the love is the read work. Romantic relationships can bring the best and worst out in each other. Support, learn and grow together with your partner. I integrate HeartMath, Yoga, breath, mindfulness & Tantra.

90min Coaching $160

This 90-minute  coaching session offers ongoing support to those who have completed the Introductory coaching session.